Virtualizing business-critical applications without hesitation using DataCore SANsymphony™-V
Storage Strategies NOW Snapshot Report

About Storage Strategies NOW

SSG-NOW is an industry analyst firm focused on storage, server, cloud, virtualization and networking technologies. Our goal is to convey the business value of adopting these technologies to corporate stakeholders in a concise and easy -to-understand manner.

Learn more about why DataCore’s storage hypervisor is unique in offering infrastructure-wide adaptive caching and auto-tiering of Flash (SSD) technologies that span and optimize resources and performance across existing disks, SATA, SAS and Cloud storage.

The virtualization and consolidation of business-critical applications is a high priority for IT operations in organizations of all sizes. But the owners of these applications often balk at virtualization because of a set of unknowns that surround the loss of dedicated server hardware.

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