Building the Virtual Infrastructure with DataCore SANsymphony-V
Taneja Group Product Profile
There's little doubt that server virtualization delivers a quantum leap forward for IT - it enables multi-generation improvements in processing flexibility and utilization, while simultaneously reducing server costs. But too often, the larger payoff proves to be a pipe dream, held back by remnant ties to the physical world- especially when it comes to storage.

Complex, expensive and inflexible storage hardware proves to be the single biggest constraint holding back the realization of mobility, flexibility and device independence that server and desktop virtualization promise.

In this product profile, we'll examine these roadblocks and take a look at one product that circumvents them - DataCore's SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software. Moreover, while SANsymphony-V tackles storage-related challenges found across all of the popular virtual environments from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, we'll examine specifically how it unleashes unique capabilities for Windows Server Hyper-V scenarios.

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